About Us

Catered Cabaret Theatre provides theatre experience like no other. As one Old Downtown Greenwood’s top draws, the theater features Broadway musical performances all year round. Additional features include free parking, spacious dining, comfortable seating and delicious, freshly prepared food provided by Grafton Peek Dinner Services – a division of Grafton Peek Catering.


Raised in Franklin, Indiana, founder Chris Tompkins always had a love for dance and theatre. Tompkins traveled extensively around the globe and throughout the United States directing, staging and choreographing production shows onboard luxury cruise lines (Princess and Holland America Line) as well as in New York, Los Angeles, DC and Las Vegas. Almost 40 years later, Tompkins returned to his home state in mid-2018 so have the opportunity to spend more time with his parents and sister, Stephanie, with whom he holds a very special bond.

This move also ignited a passion and motivation for him to also embark on a journey of discovery to do something meaningful, something he loved, something that made people happy.  And that “something” – a professional performance theatre venue - was missing in the greater Greenwood/Johnson County area.

One afternoon, he happened to see a ‘For Lease’ sign in a storefront window of Walkers Plaza. He immediately called and requested the opportunity to tour the 4200 sq ft. venue which is now the Stage To Screen. After weighing the pros and cons – the pros, by far, outweighed the cons. Tompkins took possession of the space on August 1, 2018. From there – it was GO TIME. Not only did the interior of the venue need work, but it was time to start looking for the right team to make this dream a reality. Stage To Screen Studios opened its doors in October with its first show, “Indy’s Got Talent.” Patrons who attended the show warmly and enthusiastically embraced the new live professional theatre.

The next show, Best of Broadway, came out with a bang: 7 performers, 64 costume changes, 28 wigs changes and showcased some of the greatest hits and production numbers from a carefully selected group of Broadway shows. After a sold out night and three standing ovations, the theatre’s success continued to unfold. The next show, Holidazzle, a family-friendly holiday show which sold out three of its six performances also proved to be the catalyst for a pretty dynamic change in Stage’s business direction: keep it strictly as a performance theatre OR give Stage’s patrons and the residents of Johnson County and greater Indianapolis something many had voiced the desire to have – a Dinner Theatre!

After sending surveys to our patrons, sponsors and to the community at large, the feedback overwhelmingly supported making the change with a stated criteria: to ensure a consistently good quality food was served. After a great deal of due diligence, Grafton Peek Dinner Services – owned and operated by Grafton Peek Catering & Bakery – was selected as Stage’s partner. The 15 year-old company’s outstanding reputation and the fact they are a main-stay old downtown Greenwood business helped make the decision even easier.

The result; Stage To Screen’s Catered Cabaret Theatre offering Lunch, Brunch and Dinner Shows.

With the support of sponsors, patrons and an incredible ownership team, it is the hope of many that Stage will be a catalyst in the redevelopment efforts and rebirth of old downtown Greenwood.