The Vision

  • For audiences is to have fun, to be included and to be delightfully entertained.
  • For artists and the creative team, the goal is to constantly challenge each member to create and deliver shows that inspire, captivate and engage as an individual artist, as a cast member or an operations team member working behind the scenes to bring our shows to life.
  • To produce a wide spectrum of imaginative, one-of-a-kind live entertainment experiences.

The Journey

As the founder of Stage To Screen Studios LLC, now doing business as Stage To Screen Catered Cabaret, I began working on this creative endeavor in February 2018 as I prepared to return to central Indiana to be closer to my parents and sister following a pretty dynamic 40+ year career in the arts, cruise line, entertainment, hospitality and private club “industries.” Having truly been blessed beyond what I could have ever imagined as a small boy growing up in Franklin, Indiana – with this return was also my desire to do something meaningful, something I love, and something that brings joy to others. That “something” was, is and has always been producing live shows and theatre.

In brief, the opening of Stage’s new home represents the 3rd “Grand Opening” in just 13 months. The initial venue was designed to be an arts training and development studio which would also produce and present professional, original musical revue productions on Friday and Saturday evenings each week in a traditional theatre setting. The surprisingly strong audience demand for this type of entertainment quickly altered the course of the venture and led to the venue closing down for 7 weeks near the end of 2018. The store-front studio was completely renovated for the 2nd time in just 5 short months, transforming the space and Grand Re-Opened on Valentine’s Day 2019 as a Dinner Theatre with the food and beverage services being provided by Grafton Peek Catering & Bakery services.

In late February 2019, two regular patrons requested to meet me to discuss potentially expanding the venture to an even larger new space. 3 months…and 3 attempts later by these two insightful individuals…I finally agreed to sit down and discuss potential options with them. Thanks to their vision and generosity, Robert, Sr & Dorothy Rynard provided the means for Stage To Screen Catered Cabaret to now have a new theatre. Their son, Robert Rynard, Jr., an accomplished General Contractor took the lead in the transformation of the new venue.

It has been said anything in life worth having is worth working hard and going the extra mile for. This has likely been the most challenging experience I have ever been through in just about every aspect and level – personally and professionally. There have been many people who have contributed to the continued development of this venture over a short span of 18 months and I will always be grateful for their contributions.

Stage To Screen Catered Cabaret Dinner Theatre is dedicated to very special patrons, my parents, sister and newphew…

 Robert, Sr. & Dorothy Rynard | Connie & Leonard Owens | Stephanie Tompkins | Peyton Owens