Closure Information

This is by far the most painful and challenging correspondence I have ever had to attempt to put together. I have been personally and professionally dreading finally admitting defeat, per se, but it is time to share this news…

Stage To Screen Studios, LLC dba Stage To Screen Catered Cabaret is officially and permanently closing. Currently, the company’s attorney, accounting firm and leadership team are making the final preparations to dissolve the company through the appropriate legal processes. As the Managing Member of the LLC, I am unfortunately left with no other viable financial alternative than to file personal Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Over the past 2 years – almost to the day since establishing the company – many, many individuals have a invested a significant amount of time, money, passion, creativity, sponsorship, volunteering, and support. There is so much more that goes on “behind the scenes” when operating a theatre than most ever realize…

The closure of the Catered Cabaret on March 14th due to the COVID-19 pandemic, after not even being opened for a full 4 months in the new theatre, presented an obvious set-back. The creative/artistic team worked diligently together to put together an entirely new show run for the remainder of the 2020 calendar year, altered the stage and patron seating area to provide ample social distancing, and was the first theatre within the Indiana Arts Council to outline a new, approved Operating Procedure for us to move forward. Bottom line: 90% of patrons with tickets chose to wait until spring of 2021 to return and there were only 24 tickets sold for 60 performances. THAT has never happened even at the beginning of the company’s first show.

The creative/artistic team/ownership team (Tamara, Chris, Mark, Christa and I) worked in tandem with the theatre’s main benefactors, Bob & Dorothy Rynard, and big supporting advocate Sue Dressler, to seek out viable alternatives, ways and means to keep the theatre afloat – to just cover monthly operating expenses – to no avail.

The unfortunate reality is many businesses are faced with one of the most uncertain futures I believe most of us have experienced in our lifetimes. The entertainment industry – live theatres, orchestras, ballet companies, movie theatres, motion pictures, television, concerts and attractions – have been extremely impacted by this pandemic and I foresee many more impending closures forthcoming in the days, weeks and months ahead. There is no way to survive with minimal to no cash flow to just hold-on. Simply existing takes money.

Sharing this with all of you is heartbreaking on so many levels…especially the theatre’s leadership team, cast, crew, owners and the Rynard’s.

As of today, the venue has been taken over by a new business enterprise that will utilize the space for private events. There may be an opportunity to host shows there in the future when the greater population is ready to return to seeing performances but until such time, Stage To Screen can no longer survive.

For those of you who purchased tickets and have lost monies, for those who financially sponsored or contributed over the course of the past two years, we are sincerely appreciative of your support and cannot express how sorry we are to share this news. This personally breaks my heart….

Christopher Tompkins – Managing Member

Stage To Screen Studios, LLC dba Stage To Screen Catered Cabaret