Delayed Re-Opening
Due To COVID-19 On-going Concerns

For Immediate Release: 6/12/2020 

As most everyone is aware, the COVID-19 pandemic forced Stage To Screen Catered Cabaret Dinner Theatre – as well as many, many other businesses including arts related organizations, special events, sporting events, entertainment events and venues – to shut down and cease all operations until permitted to reopen under the Indiana’s Back On Track timeline schedule. During this time, the theatre has not generated any operating cash flow to cover monthly operating costs including the lease, utilities, necessary operating systems, supplies, and equipment. 

Throughout this time and in a proactive manner, the leadership team of the theatre has worked with the Indiana Arts Council, the Indiana Arts Commission, and the Arts & Culture cohort subcommittee to assist in helping chart a course forward. The theatre’s team worked diligently to create a new roster of shows that would meet the mandated social distancing guidelines for ‘on stage’ artists as well as patrons attending the theatre by totally reconfiguring the theatre’s seating and capacity limits. Stage To Screen was an industry leader in the creation of a detailed “Re-Opening Operations Plan” which has been used as a blueprint by several entertainment venues looking to reopen in the “new normal” of our current environment.

Despite our efforts to react quickly, yet purposefully, to be one of the first live performance entertainment venues to re-open in greater Central Indiana the harsh reality is the vast majority of the general public is simply not yet ready to return. It’s the same scenario facing EVERY entertainment & arts attraction venue: the average patron age attending are 60 years of age and older = the most COVID-19 “at risk” population demographic. Only 10% of patrons who currently have tickets are willing to come back before the theatre’s holiday show in 2020 – many expressing the desire to simply wait until early 2021. Additionally, since tickets went on sale for the theatre’s new 2020 show line-up three weeks ago, only 24 have been purchased. This speak VOLUMES to patron concerns and illustrates the same challenge faced by all live performance theatres throughout Indiana.

As a result, Stage To Screen Catered Cabaret is faced with but two options;

1. Option 1
Simply dissolve the business and close, or 2.
2. Option 2
Cancel all shows for 2020 except possibly this year’s holiday show and then fully reopen in early 2021.

OUR GOAL – To keep the theatre open for the long-term future and benefit of many.

Stage To Screen Studios, LLC, the primary owner/operating company of the theatre is VERY BLESSED to have two “Angle Investors” and many, many patron supporters who have stepped up and continue to step-up by offering to help financially. Their desire is to see the theatre reopen again for live shows and we know it’s everyone’s hope that by early 2021 – a COVID-19 vaccine might be available or the virus is better at least more manageable – thus allowing patrons to return.

 Who would have ever thought seven months ago when the Catered Cabaret first opened that it and so, so many businesses of all types would be forced to close from a global pandemic…?! On behalf of the entire theatre’s management, artists, and crew – we realize this is not the news anyone wants to see or hear. We are not happy about it either. However, it is just the reality of the given situation and we sincerely appreciate your patience, understanding, and support as we continue to work through this incredibly turbulent time. 

To close, individuals who currently have tickets to see any show will be receiving a Gift Certificate in the mail in the coming two to three weeks for the current value of their outstanding purchase credit. This credit will be good towards the purchase(s) of any show(s) when the theatre reopens and resumes performances. These Gift Certificates do not have any cash value. 

Until we can reopen, please stay safe, stay healthy, and warmest regards, 

Chris Tompkins – Executive Director
Stage To Screen Catered Cabaret 

PS – the theatre is available for private parties, family gatherings, wedding receptions or special events if you know of anyone looking. Feel free to reach out and we will be happy to schedule a walk-thru with you. In advance, we would appreciate the opportunity to assist you as any rentals we can get will help offset our continued operating costs each month.